Welcome to the portfolio of work offered by Diane Dumashie, an independent projects manager and public communicator with a professional status as a Land economist.

The increasing international interest in the sharing of ocean space and resources and the needs and rights of the local community has kindled the emergence of a discipline integrating land economics, with integrated coastal zone management and the business community. This rapid demand and change for access to natural resources (land, marine and minerals) requires a focus approach in order to meet a range of stakeholder expectations.

Diane works for stakeholders including the community, land owners, and corporate developers. This portfolio of experience is divided into 3 broad disciplines:

Nowadays personal identities are challenged by international change both economic and financial, so people and communities have to adapt themselves. A driving aim for us all is to retain cultural identity while adopting globalisation.

Diane seeks to assist you to manage this change by understanding your community needs as well as recognising sensitivities and interpreting controversial issues.

See Community Renaissance, Learning Skills, Coastal Land Development

The increasing world requirement for food, minerals, energy and space cannot be sustained indefinitely by using the earth land surface alone. Therefore there is a need to comprehend the ocean environment, as well as its interface with the land. This crucial interface-" the coastal zone" – is frequently the most intensively used of all ocean areas.

Diane’s specialist capability in Coastal area management and communication helps you to meet your project objectives by drawing on a career in integrating land economics and business strategies with environmental and sustainable issues.

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Rights and responsibilities to coastal lands continues to be a pressing issue for both business and communities. Drawing on substantial waterfront business experience, Diane’s concern has been to manage the development of land and property in an economical and sustainable manner. Working closely with a wide spectrum of industries; associated with ports and wharves, as well as tourism and leisure.

Diane's focus is on removing the mystique from the land economic regeneration appraisal process, and highlighting its reality and relevance to you and your objectives in master planning and strategy.

See Land regeneration, administration, planning & development, Environment, amenity.


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