The increasing world requirements for food, minerals, energy and space cannot be sustained indefinitely by using the earth land surface alone. Therefore there is a need to comprehend the ocean environment as well as the interface with the land, this is the coastal zone land. This crucial interface is frequently the most intensively used of all ocean areas.

The coastal zone is intensively being used for activities as diverse as fish farming and marine recreation.

Residents and businesses alike are attracted to the amenities. This concentration of interest inevitably leads to a conflict of pressures from the most intense commercial development to the strongly organised conservation interest.

Coastal estate management is a specialised form of urban and rural estate management concerned with both the land and marine areas in both administrative and legal conditions. Diane fulfils the need to understand the sciences and technologies relevant to the coastal zone and to have a working knowledge of relevant international and national laws. Her training, knowledge and experience is essential to the working out of a solution all parties can accept.

Diane’s specialist capability in project management and communication helps you to meet your objectives by drawing on a career that integrates land economics and business strategies with environmental and sustainable issues.

This portfolio is concerned with identifying, initiating and progressing projects that assist communities towards sustainable development of coastal areas. Specific projects where the management of land resource changes and where core technical expertise has been provided includes:

The natural environment

  • Urbanisation - Coastal megacity, and issues surrounding informal settlements, and commercial (port), land use.

  • Land economics - Evaluation of Resources of land and property assets, Waterfront development, Cadastre, appraisal, regeneration.

  • Diversification and rationalisation Pressures - impacts on urban and rural communities located in areas affected by geographic location i.e. along the coasts, rivers and inland areas where industrial and employment diversification is occurring.

  • Coastal and Marine resource management – participation in Professional Institution panel group and research in sea level change effects and managed retreat implications on real estate resources.

  • Geography of the sea – Awareness of land and sea use planning and resolution of legal problems where land law and sea law meet including both legal and administrative boundaries.

People and the Environment

  • Policy development - monitoring and evaluating central, regional and local government environmental policy in Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM).

  • Research capability - active interest in community development issues relating to ICZM, which combined with Cadastre experience, providing a base to add significant value in land, real estate and community development of the land/ marine environmental interface.

  • Combined transport systems- Team member in logistics, Ports and shipping, Transport Projects.

  • Industrial land regeneration - Assessing the feasibility of coastal and river front industrialised areas to best uses.

  • Recreation and amenity potential – Assessment of hotel/ tourism, outdoor recreation/ sports and conservation lands.

  • Seaside resort issues- Strategic input into Land use allocation and master planning, and conference presentations.

Technology in the Environment

  • Environmental Consultancy - Secondment to assist the oil and gas, ports and aggregates sectors in coastal and marine areas.

  • Sustainable cycles- environmental problems addressed by bringing together experts in the following disciplines: Architects, Minerals planning, Port economists, Contractors, Wind farms, Coastal defense.



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