Nowadays personal identities are challenged by international change both economic and financial, so people and communities have to adapt themselves. A driving aim for us all is to retain cultural identity while adopting globalisation.

Diane seeks to help you to manage this change by understanding your community needs as well as recognising sensitivities and interpreting controversial issues.

Ideas are translated into practical reality by managing the process of change. This requires collaboration, sharing knowledge and working with governments and communities to steer their appropriate paths.

Born into a multi cultural background Diane combines her professional training with her communication and advocacy abilities. This includes communicating with the public to reach agreement on land regeneration and management of the natural environment.

Project experience includes:

  • Communities and urban renaissance - Real estate regeneration and development projects involving neighbourhood shopping, doctor’s surgeries, low income and/or affordable houses, and residential/ commercial mixed schemes, coastal leisure and recreation.

  • Socio - economic influences - defining patterns of development and economic growth that will maximise the achievement of sustainable development for government/public and corporate organisations.

  • Transport - considering strategic port development, locating new operations, research, urban and rural development corridors.

  • Urban and Rural coastlines - considering economic development, leisure and recreation, ICZM, ICM MRM, property development.

  • Environment - studies that translate the impact of natural hazards along costs, e.g. rising sea levels, climate change effects and the implications on the patterns of development and economic growth.

  • SME’s – project managing and developing business asset strategy, site selection and development, financial appraisal.

  • Learning skills – delivering the learning process, communicating and promoting skills by education, teaching and motivation, national and international conference presentation/ organising, lecturing.

  • International community - five years experience within FIG an International network, UK delegate of Commission 8, Spatial planning involved in chairing working groups and research into Coastal Mega- cities, Gender, informal settlements.

  • Land development - project coordination including community interaction with globalisation process led by corporate development. Such as ports and extraction industries, tourism and housing.




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