Land economics is concerned with the management and development of land and property in an economical and sustainable manner.

Rights and responsibilities to coastal lands continues to be a pressing issue for both business and communities. Diane's focus is on removing the mystique from the land economic regeneration appraisal process, and highlighting its reality and relevance to you and your objectives in master planning and strategy.

Making the right judgment at the right time on the viability of the project be it commercial, industrial, residential or for mixed use needs experience and professional expertise (The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors -RICS), as well as the entrepreneurial skills of the deal maker. By helping you understand the development process and by assessing the balance of risk and reward as well as any return on cost, Dumashie Associates are able to bring a new dimension to the project team. This is often the difference between profit and loss or success or failure.

With a total of 18 years professional work experience in industry and consultancy Diane has gained experience associated with land and real estate administration, environmental resources, and development and regeneration processes. This combines with hands on understanding in both corporate industry working at board level and SME’s business development.

Portfolio Activities include:

Land reform and Regeneration

  • Fundamentals of land law - economic and social analysis and the primary technologies relating to development including the preparation of instructions for, and negotiations of complex legal documentation.

  • Legal economic – working knowledge and financial considerations which contribute to the making of sound plans for sustainable land use and development and the practical realisations of objectives.

  • Strategic property reviews- interim management maximising best value objectives (public nationalised and private).

  • Project management- development, monitoring and evaluation of large-scale land development projects including, financial appraisals and evaluations.

  • Site assembly - resolving constraints, maximising realisable value in the context of business objectives and multi owned/land assembly to achieve joint venture working.

  • Regeneration - project implementation including, Land use planning, land transactions sourcing development finance.

  • Industrial reuse- Development of urban land the provision and updating of buildings for residential, industrial or commercial purposes.

Land and property administration and strategy

  • Estate and assets- portfolio administration and record keeping, management of land and buildings.

  • Residential - letting strategies, affordable/ key worker housing.

  • Interim real estate management - maximising best value objectives (nationalised & private Companies).

  • Business development- for SME and Corporate Organisations expansion, retraction strategies, rationalisation, development.

  • Advice on terms of occupation or disposal of land.

Land use development and Planning

Experienced in:

  • Land procurement and acquisition strategies,

  • Finance and site appraisal, development feasibility,

  • Development land use planning allied to master planning,

  • The development and management of rural land transferring to urban use.

Protecting the natural environment and amenity values

  • Marine resource management- Land resource evaluation, Managing coastal projects, Research and development, Coastal space conflict development.

  • Development of appropriate physical and environmental planning policy including CZM.

Project management of new planning process


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