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ROLE: Major Project Delivery and infrastructure regeneration Specialist

Diane is renowned as a highly motivated development property professional with a proven and successful track record of leading, managing and delivering urban, rural and coastal based economic and regeneration projects within the UK to benefit people’s livelihoods. With varied economic, commercial business experience, including specialist knowledge in complex project and policy delivery, she is acknowledged in business as an effective communicator, visionary, problem solver, decision taker and implementer.

She has gained a solid understanding of the planning & development process capably manages development, monitoring and evaluation of large-scale land development projects including, financial appraisals and evaluations, preparation of instructions for, and negotiations of complex legal documentation. Experience working with all aspects of land and property processes. This is associated with strategic land and real estate management, land acquisition, environmental resources, and development and community regeneration processes, combined with a history working with industry end users’ needs, where a full understanding of business development has been acquired due to corporate involvement in decision making allied to board level.

People can build and be productive in urban areas but cannot build the interconnectivity of infrastructure. Further, increasingly, projects are not only about visual impact, but also about conservation, community benefits, innovation, regeneration and sustainable resource use. Embedded in client organisations, Diane acts as client representative reporting to Chief Executives/ Finance Directors to protect interests and keep control of timescales and costs. This is achieved by having Key competency skills.

Creating Employment Land:

Regeneration and Infrastructure (& Ports) in the context of urbanisation, often mans that government has to be the lead and supply the grid of public space that may be used for services and power (electric grid). Over 10 years involvement in multiple projects involving site serviced plots and schemes. Leading on all aspects of project strategic development process across public and private sectors including preparing: option appraisals, pre- feasibility assessment, grant funding, diversification strategy, market testing, Strategic business development, partnership business cases

Dorset Green EZProject: Establishing Economic Zone in Purbeck District, Dorset.

Achieving an EZ status means business locating to the Innovation Park can benefit of up to five years business rate relief and access to new ultrafast broadband.

Building Strategic Business cases to fund Health sector properties.

Working for public sector agencies and Donor bodies on short term and long term projects.

Public sector service delivery of Health; an acknowledged effective project expert to deliver property for health use for Doctors surgeries, Nurses accommodation, Community health hospitals coordinating activity and keep all parties firmly focussed on the outcome. Typical responsibilities include monitoring progress, providing commercial consultancy advice, preparing business cases, development briefs and strategic documentation, undertaking risk analysis and value for money management.

Basingstoke OBCProject: Provision of NHS Staff nursing accommodation via PPP in Basingstoke and Barnstable

Picture – web of Basingstoke staff accommodation

PPP, Financial Development Appraisals Process.

Provide expert health sector property knowledge, experience and professional support to the client directors to identify and promote the priorities and growth, including preparing and writing Strategic and detailed business cases for Departmental approvals, providing property lead on innovative PPP/ LIFT advising on private sector partnerships process and PFI and assisting with master planning and delivery strategies.

Project: Fareham Community Hospital.

Devising operational strategies and Infrastructure development in Ports & waterside assets.

Lead on corporate projects, including the coordination of major disposals and acquisitions to gain strategic advantage with land and property assets, whilst maintaining the business impetus and objectives. Lead regeneration projects in the South West of England to ensure regional growth areas including waterfronts, to promote on strategic and regional regeneration initiatives.

Project: Corporate Aggregates operator: Evaluated and formulated an estate strategy of a 10 acre site River Thames side site.

Regeneration and housing developments

Public sector service delivery of Housing acting as client representative to manager economic Regeneration and planning of redundant property held in the public portfolio. By leading teams to take projects from site identification, selection and appraisal through to master planning, planning promotion, technical resolutions to delivery on sites engaging with communities along the way.

Project NHS Estates

Representing NHS estates to ensure priorities are promoted on strategic hospital regeneration schemes and initiatives for housing – project director leading multi-disciplinary teams and work with external community partners to develop new communities between 15- 550 housings? The benefit to Central government, delivering land sales to the public purse.

Supporting SME economic livelihoods

Instigating small unit schemes across rural Dorset, UK involving the feasibility of small estates ranging in size between 5- 20 units, providing site serviced plots for market. Bringing together business industrial strategy, science, innovation, energy, In-depth knowledge of business/ industrial sector to inform economic and develop clusters approaches to business development (Waterfront). Developing and delivering a comprehensive industrial strategy and leading client engaging strategy and relationship with SME business.

Project business unit start-ups in Swanage and Winfrith- Dorset

A £2.5m project to provide 20 new employment units

Key Compentency Skills

Strategic Thinking, prioritisation, cross fertilising ideas into implementation:

Local authority delivery of Enterprise Zone status (PDC), Developing and writing strategic/ outline Business cases (DoH, International involvement in land and property Board (RICS, FIG), Rapid economic land assessments (Nigeria LE)WB, Proof of concept St Lucia (GLTN)

Creative thinker and implementer:

Adopt flexible management styles that are collaborative, analytical and critical, as circumstances demand, and that constructively seeks solutions to decision making and agreeing next steps. So striving to improve projects for stakeholder benefits yet maintain project viability (e.g NHS land & property, CoMSEC Mozambique)

Analysis and Planning:

Realistic and dependable project approach, maintaining a working structure and systematic processes, able to plan and keep both long and short- terms objectives clearly in mind, working under pressure, establishing priorities and plan, use time efficiently and apply judgement in the context of competing deadlines. (6 nations southern Africa Region)

Leadership networking and communication:

The passion, enthusiasm, drive and commitment to lead and motivate and inspire others with an approach that is sensitive and respect for diversity, as lead in positions of Seniority (Networks, Private sector,) advisory (public sector trusted advisor) and NGO’s. Strong interpersonal and communication and negotiation skills and ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively.

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